One last win

It wasn’t pretty, it wasn’t nice, but our League of Legends season can be saved. All it needs is one win. On the 18th of September our Prime League team is playing in the upper bracket final of relegation against NNO.

Two time eight place

Spring- and Summer Split weren’t perfect at all. We were streaky. Sometimes you could see glimpses of the former Spring Split champion, sometimes we didn’t connect to the server at all. Even though there were two teams worse than us in both seasons, the seeding system forced us into relegation. And as things couldn’t get worse our Jungler Winter7 had to go to the Korean army, and needed to leave the team.

A new face and a new start

We quickly found a fitting solution for our new roster. Akabane, a former Prime League champion, joined the team to play relegation and the PRM-Pokal 2023. After practicing two months with the squad, our first match looked promising. We faced DKB Diamonds in the first round of relegation. As clear favorites, we had a tough start into the series, but after losing the first game our team delivered. Especially our ADC jinjo caused a lot of headaches for the Diamonds. A small choke in game 4 made things a bit spicy, but a strong performance in game 5 of everyone. 

One last win

We have 2 chances to avoid relegation now. Our first one is against NNO. The influencer team won his first match against Austrian Force. When looking at the results from the regular season, we have good chances, as we won 3 out of 4 games. But NNO also made some roster changes at the jungle position. Agurin, who was Rank 1 in EUW and Korea, joined the team, while Lamabear moved to the Support position. It’s gonna be close and it’s gonna be dramatic, but we will give everything to save our season.