Down under – and we are hungry

First time CS2, first time Australia, first time Snax: Rarely a tournament has been so exciting for us. Our Counter-Strike team is competing at IEM Sydney.

A Legend joining GL

There are unknown talents, there are veterans, and there is Snax – an absolute legend, a Major winner, and a four-time Top 20 player on HLTV. He is 30 now, and his strengths shifted, as well as his role inside & outside the game. As our In-Game-Leader, he will lead our young core into the new game.

Counter-Strike 2

Forecasting what’s going to happen has never been more challenging. Every team just had a small window to grind in CS2. The game has it’s problems, and many things will probably be patched in the next month. But the uncertainness has a certain charm because everything can happen.

Sydney – the first big battle in CS2

Our first CS2 match will be against FaZe, one of the most successful orgs in CS:GO. We’ve played one official against them, where we lost in quadruple overtime (25-28). It was the first game of the RMR for the Rio Major and the first match of our freshly formed CS roster. So this match is a second in a lot of firsts.