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Our aim is to deliver exceptional experiences and content to our community while also fostering communication, motivating people to take action towards their goals and dreams, and promoting meaningful connections. Our aspiration is to create an impact that extends beyond entertainment and inspires individuals across the globe.

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Our history

Founded out of coaching in 2017 with the mission to support gamers on their way to achieving their desires and goals, GamerLegion has been one of the first movers of professional coaching for all gamers worldwide. After entering professional Esport in 2018, GamerLegion became one of the most well-known German Esports organizations.

GamerLegion today

GamerLegion has built an ever-growing fan base and is known for its achievements in competitions. In 2022, GL became the German Prime League champion, participated in the biggest CS: GO tournament in Rio de Janeiro, and won the most prestigious tournament in Age of Empires with the Wololo Legacy in Heidelberg. GamerLegion is working to become a leading Esport team and aims to promote its players and their careers. The team is part of a growing movement that recognizes Esports as a legitimate sport and allows it to develop and grow.

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