Next stop Paris?

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s crunchtime: Our Counter-Strike: Global Offensive team is flying to Copenhagen for the European RMR A. From the 6th until the 9th of April the best teams of the world are fighting for one out of 8 seeds for the Major in Paris, the most important tournament of the year.

Our team has positioned themselfs perfectly, after winning all games in the closed qualifier. This was leading us into getting Apeks as the first opponent – a team, our boys were playing quite often in the last few months. The trend against the mixed European roster is promising: the last two games were won by us.

There is a lot of pressure on every team, as it’s not only the sole CS Major, but also the last one, which is played on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, before the scene will move on to Counter Strike 2. Therefore, this Major will go into history and everyone wants to be part of it – including us. After we managed to qualify for our first Major in 2022, we’re hungry for more. The team is prepared perfectly – now lets get ready to rumble!