Coaching with GamerLegion

A main pillar of GamerLegion is the coaching platform. We provide you with beginner-friendly coaching as well as advanced & professional coaching. You will find a selection of coaches, who will bring you success in your favorite games.

Coaching for games?

A virtual coaching session can help you improve your skills. Often small hints and tricks are enough to become significantly better in a game. As the learning curve rises, not only does your motivation ofr stying the game increase, but so does your enjoyment of the game. Improving your skills faster and easier costs no more than being taught other skills like learning a new instrument or sport profesional – so why don’t do the same for games.

Our coaches are carefully screened, so we can offer you the best possible learning experience. They are enthusiastic gamers themselves and want to share their knowledge with you. Most of our coaches themselves have been active in the Esport sector as coaches or players and can therefore help you with all your questions about the game.