A Split to forget.

Playoffs missed, spring split over, a disaster for our League of Legends team: The first split of the year ends in disaster.

During the winter our coach Noxiak made some changes on the roster . With Jungler Ferret, who has played at Worlds & MSI (Istanbul Wildcats), the experienced ADC Asza (Solary) and the young & talented Toplaner Tracyn (Illuminar Gaming) 3 new players joined GL. The clear goal: to reach the playoffs and upset as many teams as possible.

However, the start of the season already indicated we had some issues here and there. After a weak start against Schalke and defeats against EINS and Mouz, the team was without a win after 3 games. After that, nevertheless, the big turnaround seemed to come. The team went on to win the next 3 games and was fully on track to reach playoffs again. Unfortunately, the victories did not bring consistency & security to the team’s play. Individual mistakes & problems in the midgame caused some unnecessary defeats and some blowouts.

Even though the team lost 6 games in a row, hopes of making the playoffs never completely died as a two-tiered society developed in the league. The bottom teams, including our roster, where fighting for the 6th place, which also meant to be the last playoff spot – and in the last moment the team finally seemed to work. A 3-0 superweek, where the roster won against 3 direct opponents brought the team in decent position.

Two defeats against the top teams SK & Unicorns followed, and we had at least one final chance on the last match of the regular season against BIG. The scenario was simple: a win against our neighbor from BIG for a tie-breaker game, a loss for the immediate end of the season. Unfortunately, the team did not seem to be able to handle the pressure. 31 unambiguous minutes later BIG  won the game, and the split was over.