In love with the Age-Community

200 AoE addicted nerds, a huge screen and the final games of Nili’s Apartment Cup 4. Or short: A weekend made in heaven. On Saturday and Sunday, we’ve had a community part at Xperion Berlin, celebrating everything AoE is about.

From a sports point view it wasn’t a successfull tournament. Only one of our glory players managed to get to the semifinal. In a thrilling series between the TheViper and Liereyy, the Snek lost against the Austrian from Aftermath 3:5. A premiere for the NAC, which was won by TheViper all the three times before. After the semifinals (Hera won the first one with 5:0 against Yo) all the players and casters came to the stage to sign some autograms and take a breath of the awesome vibe at the venue.

Even though we had a final without TheViper on Sunday, the atmosphere was outstanding in every way. The day started with an Q&A with DauT, which brought tears of laughter to the whole crowed. After getting in the perfect mood because of the Lord, people where cheering for both players, and they delivered a stunning final series. In a Best-of-9, nine games where needed to find a worthy winner in Hera.

As an org it’s always so lovely to see, how wholesome the AoE community is, treating every person at the event with maximum respect and friendliness. We’re so proud to be a part of you, we’re in love with you.