A dream comes true – again

What a day to be alive: Our CS:GO team managed to qualify for the Paris Major after an incredible run at the European RMR A in Copenhagen. From the 5th of May on, our team will compete with the best teams in the world to compete for the title in the most important tournament of the year.

Problems in the beginning

Coming to Copenhagen, the goal was clear: we want a spot for Paris. Our opening match against Apeks seemed doable, but we struggled. The team, in general, seemed nervous, and Apeks was one step ahead of our guys all the time. It took us 8 rounds to finally win our first round on our T-Side. With a score of 4:11, we went into halftime. We finally seemed to be awake on the CT-Side, but things were still shaky. After winning the pistole, we lost to a half buy of Apeks – and as we finally broke their economy, we failed to the next full buy of them immediately. In the end, we lost 8:16 – and only iM played on his normal level. 

Big comebacks

We only had a little time to rethink everything, as we had our second match on the same day. On paper, our opponent OG was struggling because they changed their In-Game-Leader just a few days before the tournament, but their roster still had some world-class. In the start, we felt that, but after being down 1:5 on Ancient our team switched gears and dominated OG in every way, which led to a convincing 16:9 win. 

The third match was against 1win – and in the beginning, it seemed like we were riding the wave of the last day. Unfortunately, we couldn’t keep up to the great start on the T-Side of Vertigo. After being up 7:2, we lost all 6 rounds before halftime. Even a won pistole in the second half didn’t give us confidence. 1win just seemed to be better in every way, but a crazy 1 vs. 2 post-plant-clutch from acoR (while being down 12:15) was like an awakening call for our team, which carried us to overtime – and the win afterward (19:16). 

We did it

After two wins, we had the first chance of qualifying against Falcons in the first best of three. The team around the AWP legend KennyS was a known enemy, as we played against them a few times. The start of the match was promising. On Falcons mappick Overpass, we were looking good in general – and our IGL Siuhy was on fire, ending with an excellent rating of 1.66. Things were looking great, as the second map was Inferno, where we examined the strongest in the last month – but out of all things, we struggled there and lost 12:16. The decider was needed – and boy, we were ready for it. On Mirage our team looked crispy-clean in every way, which led to a convincing 16:8 win – and us to the Paris Major.