"It's going to be an awesome year!"

New roster, new season, new opponent: Today, our League of Legends team starts into the Spring Split of the Prime League - and can show the league newcomer from the suburbs what it's all about.

A lot has changed with us: Only our support Visdom has remained from the old roster. All the other positions have been reassigned. Together with him, jinjo (Unicorns of Love) will make the Botlane unsafe. In the Jungle, D4nKa (EWI) will cause trouble, and Sacre (SKP) has found a new home on our Toplane. A completely new face can be found in the midlane, where we have signed Eścik (Illuminar Gaming), a raw diamond. 

"In the end, we found players who have a lot of potential and motivation," says our coach Noxiak happily. "Compared to the other Prime League teams, we can be pleased with the result!" Last week, the team got to know each other personally for the first time at our Gaming House and "already developed a powerful team spirit." 

At the start of the season, a special game awaits us with the league newcomer Eintracht Spandau. But we are not worried about that. "Unfortunately, they have focused their resources very strongly on marketing instead of scouting, and all the fans will probably need some comfort beers after the first matchday," our coach notes with a smile. "I think the content is even better when the team starts with a losing streak. It makes the whole thing spicy."

The question for us is what our new roster can achieve. It's clear that we want to make the playoffs, but also "we're aiming for the EU Masters in our first split together so that we can give the LFL teams a run for their money," says Noxiak, who adds: "It's going to be an awesome year!"