“Why would our fans watch a non drama game?”

Probably, our CS team had planned to shoot our pulse directly upwards for the new year. Otherwise, the thriller against a completely renewed Apeks cannot be explained. In the end, our boys won the opening match in the Pinnacle Winter Series 2:1.

"Facing a brand new team is hard. They have a lot of material from us. We basically went into this fully blind," analyzes our manager Bornebusch. That was especially noticeable at the beginning. On every map, our guys were running behind early on (0:4, 0:4, 0:3). In addition, on the first map Ancient, we needed to go into overtime. "I'm glad we had our mental at the right place the right time" notes Bornebusch. Because even though we threw away a 12:9 lead on our Mappick Overpass, our guys didn't get rattled. 

After we dominated the CT side on the Decider Mirage (10:5), it still got pretty close at the end. "Why would our fans watch an non-dramatic game? How boring," says our Bornebusch with a smirk. In the end, our guys saved themselves to the first victory in the first game of 2022 (16:14).

Today at 6 p.m., the Pinnacle Winter Series continues against Savage. Bornebusch warns: "Going up against Swedish teams is not always a walk in the park. We need to focus on our own game plan and stay strong mentally. If we manage to do that we probably win this 2:0."