Gaming is not equal to eSports. Not every game is the same as an eSports title, because not every game can be a competition. The target groups of the respective games are also very diverse and varied. But they all have one thing in common: the fun of the game. Our services for the eSports and gaming market include consulting, team management and events.

Our many years of experience in the eSports and gaming scene go beyond our founding year of 2017. Our CEO, Nicolas Reber, like many others, started gaming as a child and competed with his brothers. His competitive eSports career started in 20XX and ended in 2016 with the title XYZ.Our team and network are happy to provide advice to explain the market, facilitate entry and not miss trends. As experts, we work with our clients to develop an individual and suitable eSports strategy that promises success in the eSports and gaming universe.

Team Management
Our team behind the teams looks back on many great athletes in various game titles. Part of the GamerLegion family were already teams in PUBG, RAINBOW6 SIEGE, FORTNITE, FIFA and ROCKET LEAGUE. Having your own team, whether pro or amateur, leads to a strong bond between brand and target group, but also means a lot of effort. We offer team management to the full extent. From scouting and putting together the team to organizing training and competition operations and procuring equipment. If it needs to be more, we also create content, play it out via a social media team channel and activate engagement.

Live experiences make a lasting impression and are remembered. Whether online, offline or as a hybrid event. We plan, organize and execute your eSports event and place the advertising message in the community. You are already planning an event and want to activate your audience with eSports and gaming content? We are happy to provide influencers, coaches and equipment and ensure that the event is entertaining and lasts a long time.

We are your contact in eSports – we are living our motto "support on all levels" in all areas of the company. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.