eSport Teams

eSports is a digital, innovative and emotional growth market. Fans in Germany are on average 26 years old (source: Nielsen Esports Report 2020), better educated than average, and significantly more attractive for sponsorships than the classic sports fan.


The acceptance of sponsors within the eSports community is clearly different from that of classic sports. This is particularly evident in the fact that eSports fans are significantly more open to sponsorship than classic sports fans (illustrated by the example of soccer fans).


GamerLegion currently unites three professional eSports teams in the titles League of Legends, Counter Strike:Global Offensive and Age of Empires II. The teams offer multiple opportunities to place and activate a brand in an exciting and fascinating market.

  • Teams and personalities provide identification
  • Authenticity through the accompaniment of success and failure

  • Fans support teams and players
  • Fan base acts as multiplier

  • Different target group approach
  • Diverse activation potential
  • Few restrictions

  • Professional live broadcasts
  • High density of competition
  • Qualitative content for secondary exploitation

Find our teams here:
Age of Empires
League of Legends

The game you are interested in is not listed? No problem!
Our team behind the teams looks back on many great athletes in different game titles. Part of the GamerLegion family were already teams in PUBG, RAINBOW6 SIEGE, FORTNITE, FIFA and ROCKET LEAGUE. Having your own team, whether pro or amateur, leads to a strong bond between brand and target group, but also means a lot of effort.We offer team management to the full extent. From scouting and putting together the team to organizing training and competition operations and procuring equipment. If you want more, we also create content, play it out via a social media team channel and activate engagement.

You have other ideas, need more information and data about our teams or want to get to know us personally and dive into the world of eSports? Don't hesitate and contact us directly!