GamerLegion Support on all levels

The GamerLegion stands for support on all levels. We are experts in recognizing potential and providing support in various ways to achieve concrete goals in the eSports universe. Along the way, we always remain authentic, put people first and believe that teamwork is the key to success. The innovative approach and the willingness to go the extra mile for every goal is what sets GamerLegion apart! In doing so, we always remain fair, especially in competition, and carry this thought out into the whole world!
Being involved in the biggest leagues
“1 billion USD revenue in eSports 2019“ – “100 million USD prize money in Fortnite“ – “Relevant target age is around 22 years old“
These are only some of the remarkable figures that eSports is generating today.

Through our very successful teams, we offer you an opportunity to quickly and easily enter this exciting and attractive market.
Management of your eSports Teams
Are you looking to enter eSports in a way that is not only authentic but also unique?
A better introduction to what makes eSports so appealing than virtually any other alternative?

Have you already thought about potentially leading your own eSports team?
We will help your lead your team to the top!
Support for your eSports activities
ESports as an industry has become the next big thing in Germany, especially since McDonald‘s decided to exit from the German Football Association and reinvest the funding into eSports instead.
But what is eSports? Who is the target group and how do I reach them?

Thanks to our many years of experience in eSports and the gaming industry, as well as our large team, we can help you to understand this market and help facilitate your entry into it.
Offer real added value to your potential customers
Do you have a large stand at a trade fair? Do customers come to your stand and inspect your products with interest? But does the customer leave your stand after only a short time?

We offer you real added value for your customers with our event services.
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